©Alassan Diawara

Solo exhibitions

2020 Up Down, Duflon-Racz, Brussels, BE

2018 Moved, Sub Rosa Space, Athens, GR

2017 Twig, Komplot, Brussels, BE

2015 Alumina, Yoko Uhoda Gallery, Liège, BE

2014 Imago, Dehors Contemporary Art Window, Brussels, BE

2014 Cratère, Space Collection, Liège, BE

2011 La Chaussette, by Jean Paul Jacquet, Brussels, BE


2021 Bye Bye His-Story, Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée, La Louvière, BE

2020 All She Said About Future, Biennale Zielona Gora, PL

2020 Vessels, Island, Brussels, BE

2020 Les choses d’ici-bas, Galerie Duflon-Racz, Brussels, BE

2019 Dinner on Thin Ice, Zurich, CH

2019 PIED DE NEZ, Art Contest, KRIEG, Brussels, BE

2019 To smooth The Furrowed Brow B32, Maastricht, NL

2019 Biennale van Belgie, Gent, BE

2019 BODY WORK, State Art Gallery, Sopot, PL

2018 Under the Ivy, Komplot, Brussels, BE

2018 Emotional Gold, curated by Merzedes Sturm-Lie, espace 0IN, Brussels, BE

2018 Rhapsodies, curated by Alix Janta-Polczynski, Ping-Pong, Brussels, BE

2018 GIFC, 0-0LA, Art Athina, Athens, GR

2018 20 years of NICC, Antwerpen, BE

2017 20 years NICC, Antwerpen, BE

2017 Elite 17, KRIEG, hasselt, BE

2017 Snake Pit Breakdown, curated by Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Swallowing Helmets, Brussels, BE

2017 DALONAZ II, curated by Brice Guilbert, at Royal, Brussels, BE

2017 Eye Contact, Penthouse Art Residency, Brussels, BE

2017 HYPOKEIMENON, En dessous du Sang, curated by Nils Alix-Tabeling, GNF, Bruxelles, BE

2016 Les Sept Périls Spectraux, Arnaud Deschin Galerie, Paris, FR

2016 Rainbow Ranch Hand, Frac Nord Pas de Calais, FR

2016 Run Run Run, Villa Arson, Nice, FR

2016 La Vie Intense, Brussels, BE

2016 Hold me in the fresh water, ClovisXV, Brussels, BE

2016 Catherine Vertige collection, Komplot, at Société, Brussels, BE

2015 Selcuk Mutlu & Guest, RAVI, Liège, BE

2015 First summer, Yoko Uhoda Gallery, Liège, BE

2015 FFOMECBLOT, Clovis XV, Brussels, BE

2015 Dessine-toi même, ESA Saint-Luc, Liège, BE

2015 Family matters, De la charge, Brussels, BE

2014 Paradise Lost, curated by Damien & the love guru, Brussels, BE

2014 Vive l’été 2 curated by Damien De Lepeleire ,Galerie Olivier Biltereyst Librairie Laurent Bouchat, Brussels, BE

2013 Share, L’aura galerie, Brussels, BE

2013 Boomerang ,La Cambre, Building Van De Velde, Brussels, BE

2012 Plateau 96, Brussels, BE

2011 Project(ion) Room, Brussels, BE

2010  L’atelier n°1, Liège, BE

2010 Workshop Félix Gonzales Torres, Thierry de Duve, Wiels, Brussels, BE


2019 RUPERT, Vilnius.


2019 DIVINATION CARDS, on GUEST ROOMS, http://guestrooms.xyz/divination-cards/

2018 Emotional Gold Edition by Merzedes Sturm-Li.

2017 KOMPLOT, New Day, New Money to Be Made.

2017 Snake Pit Breakdown by Merzedes Sturm-Lie.

2015 Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens auction catalogue.

2011 «YEAR» , by Komplot & David Evrard.

2011 «UNTITLED_01» by Maxime Dossin.

2011 «DRAWINGS» self-publishing.


2013 ARTISTES MAGAZINE n°162 mars-avril

2013 LA LIBRE BELGIQUE septembre 2013